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The Concert Hall Is Available For Rentals or you can even hire US for Live Music at your venue!

If you've ever been interested in renting out a Concert Hall for a Performance then now is a great time to get an exclusive space for your recording! We're happy to let you use or space, just give us a call & we can go over the details with how our Concert Hall Renting works & how many people that we can have to perform given the current circumstances with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(If you wanted to hire a Live Performer such as a Pianist, Composer, or to help write out some of your music, then we also offer this as an additional service that you can have through our Music School!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

Shipping Depends on the Product. All of our products that cost $175.00 or more come with a standard $15.00 Shipping Charge plus any applicable taxes.

What if I do not like the instrument?

We can return an instrument within 30 days if it's not satisfactory. All other items such as Music Sheets, and Accessories are... 

What Services do you Provide outside of the Instruments?

We offer private music lessons on virtually all instruments including voice, dance, fine art and animation classes, and drama classes!


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About Us:

We offer private music lessons and classes on virtually every instrument including voice, dance, and art. We've also opened a Music Retail Store selling new and used instruments along with accessories, books, sheet music, and CDs. Every year we facilitate recitals, concerts, conferences, and seminars. Professor Randy J. Gibson also scores music and produces artists, groups, bands, and choirs. 

Our Fax Number is 215-924-8890.

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