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We are currently having our Instructors host their classes online through Zoom or in-person with CDC Guidelines. This enables us to safely have classes without running the risk of spreading COVID-19 to our Staff & Students.

To learn more, check out our Lessons Page & find out the steps that we're taking to slow the spread of the virus & keep our Students & Staff safe during these troubling times.

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Welcome to Gibson School of Music & Arts!

An Important Message Regarding COVID-19 Safety

To help protect our Students & Faculty, we are hosting classes online through Zoom & In-Person. We're taking preventative measures to try to help slow the spread of COVID-19 & want to ensure that our friends & families can be safe. If you have any questions about our Zoom classes then be sure to give us a call & we can help clarify!

Our Mascot above, G.Clef the Lion represents our Animation Classes and what we aim to achieve with our students! Enroll for an animation/fine arts class today & see it yourself!

Music, Voice, Art, Dance, and Drama

Why Choose Gibson School of Music & Arts?

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!
Teaching Young Children and Adults!
Any Skill Level Welcome!

Gibson School of Music & Arts takes pride in recognizing that there are multiple kinds of music out there in the world & because of that we offer a variety of classes with instruction on many types of Musical Instruments ranging from the Piano, Violin, Guitar, and much more! Your kid will get the opportunity to thrive in their development & exceed what they've accomplished previously & they'll get there through the discipline of professional instruction by some of the finest teachers in the world.

Our students have not only performed in the United States but overseas and made their impact across the world.  Your child can become a part of this recognized school of Music & start learning from instructors who will only want the best for them today! If you're interested, then all you need to do is call us through the above # and schedule a lesson. We work to make Gibson School of Music & Arts an excellent place where people of all ages can come and learn Music, Dance, Voice & Drama.

Raising the Bar on what you can expect from a Performance!
It doesn't matter if they are just a beginner or if your kid has already taken many years of Musical Classes in the past & has experience when you come to our school. We're here to help your kid perform better & reach the next progression in their Musical Career, no matter what stage they are at already. We're looking to develop your kid & help them progress beyond their previous limits. We're trying to ensure that they can succeed not only now but in the future with their Music Career.

We're not just looking to develop your kid in the way that they can perform better, but to help educate them as a whole person whether be it socioeconomically or in the aesthetics of the arts. Our students aim to achieve the success that sets them apart from other musicians and recognize how much they have learned about themselves and the world that surrounds them. Some of our students that have accolades, are Grammy Award winners such as James Poyser (producer), and Jimmy Gray!

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The Benefits of Learning Through Us

There are many great benefits to learning through our Music School!


Our Music Courses & Advanced Instruction can help teach Discipline with our enrolled Students. By having our Students go through both rigorous & professional instruction & having to have them memorize certain pieces of music, it inevitably will help teach their brain to be patient & to have more Discipline when it comes to Learning!


We have World-Class Instructors which do their best to not only teach the kids how to perform Music, but to become Role Models for others. We encourage our students to have Good Character, Discernment, and Self-Awareness. By doing so, we can ensure that students don't only grow in their performance but in their behavior & attitude as well!

Active Learning

Learning Music through Gibson School of Music & Arts and having to adapt to the current situation (which meant going Online for us) works both hemispheres of the brain. In doing so, we're able to help your kids learn how to perform better not only in Music, but other Scholastic Subjects as well such as Math & Science!

Our Testimonials

Testimonials from Our Students & Families

"Playing the Piano has helped me academically as well as emotionally. After a hard day of schooling, I go straight to the piano and play!"

April Powell


"Thanks to Gibson School of Music my daughter really enjoys playing the piano every day. She has developed such a good ear for music. She is now playing a second instrument, the clarinet. "

Ms. Hutchinson


"Many great talents have come from this school." 

Jethaniel S

Google Reviewer


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5425-29 N. 5th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , 19120 , US

About Us:

We offer private music lessons and classes on virtually every instrument including voice, dance, and art. We've also opened a Music Retail Store selling new and used instruments along with accessories, books, sheet music, and CDs. Every year we facilitate recitals, concerts, conferences, and seminars. Professor Randy J. Gibson also scores music and produces artists, groups, bands, and choirs. 

Our Fax Number is 215-924-8890.

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